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Computers converge

The 80s decade of the last century was very active in creative computer ideas. Some factors converged so that,for the first time, these ideas turned on possibilities for the masses, due to the existence of "cheap" microprocessors and memory, and the crescent demand impulsed by a society avid of new ways of enjoyment and the pressure on the media, universities and schools(and finally on the families) over the need of computer knowledge on the next paradigm of economy that menaced to sweep away our old way of life...

The 8-bit era of processors was nearing to its end so, the cheap micro-computers that were going to invade us where all based on the trusty Z80, heir of the 8080 and the not far times of the CP/M on business offices, or on the new contender, the 6502 and family, ancestor of the Risc processors we all have on our phones...

The Z80 was at large the most installed microprocessor on that era, due at least by two historical events: The creation of the MSX standard of computers and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC success.

Internally all the Z80 based computers work the same: 3-4MHz of processor frequency, 64KB of memory range, some form of memory pagination and an 8-bit Data bus to access the peripherals.

Being son of his time, our Enterprise computer shares the same Data Bus as its contemporaries.

Years of scene

Making it exist

The disconformity with the high resources required to make work a WIMP system(Windows, Icons, Menus, Pointer)on a Personal Computer impulsed Jörn Mika, from now on Prodatron, to write a Graphic Operative System, SymbOS, for his Amstrad CPC with all these characteristics. Later he was tempted to port the software to another platform computer, the MSX. It was a clever approach, even being two computers with very different graphics and memory paginations, the programs made for SimbOS worked on the two platforms the same.

Then, Prodatron contacted with Enterprise-Forever, or was it the contrary?