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In the very beginning Epimgconv converted only into .com (application) format which means that the converted picture can be viewed by running that application on the Enterprise. Now EPimgconv enables to save in raw format as well, but there wasn't any Enterprise software to view these raw format pictures for a while. Recently Zozosoft began to write a viewer software for the Enterprise that makes it possible to view the raw format picures (IVIEW). It's still in beta version but is well usable. You can download it from here or (older original version) here.


IVIEW is easy to use: Being IVIEW in the memory, you can simply load a raw format picture (load or start command). Having viewed the picture you can restart the machine by pressing any key.

Using IVIEW in EXT format (:IVIEW) Hsoft's :FILE extension is also needed. (You can find :FILE extension in Zozotools.) This way you can browse the pictures, load the selected picture and return to browse.

The original version of IVIEW currently does not support compressed images. As a workaround, a modified IVIEW extension is available as "CVIEW", or the uncompress extension included with the epcompress utility can be used to decompress the image to a temporary file, and then load that with IVIEW. The command syntax is uncompress /L FILENAME. CVIEW is available as part of the Multiplay package, and is also installed in ROM format by ep128emu.


Creating an IVIEW.INI file can be also useful because it can contain the filenames of the pictures and IVIEW shows them as a slideshow. IVIEW.INI must be a simple text file which can be created this way:



Enterprise in WP:

  • DIR /W

then delete the unnecessary lines and save it by pressing F3.

Description of the Iview file format

See: Description of the EPimgconv/IVIEW file format