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2/88 from April to June 10,-DM

The Journal of the Enterprise computer 64K and 128K

  • Software: Out of this world, Turbo Graphics, ZZZlP compiler
  • Hardware: The hard drive for the ENTERPRISE: 2 x 30 MB with WARP speed.
  • Basteltip: The 64k is for 128k - with about DM 50, - have you here.

Also: Readers corner, listings, tips and tricks, classifieds ...

Page 221


Dear Readers, Are you surprised at what it is? No, this is not an advertisement but the introduction to the fifth edition of the ENTER NEWS. Pretty exhausting to read this mini-font isn't it? On the following pages, we have taken a larger font, only in your interest. Readers of the last issue mocked the small print. After some time reading the article would tire the eyes. For us, this occasion was enough. Some will now think again, "That's much too large, the sides did indeed just stalling" No, no, not true at all about this, because the contents would have remained even in smaller letters the same, just hold on a few pages. We are very happy with this size and not yet. It would be such a size that is between the past and the present edition. Not that you are now at the thought that our readers have all the bad eye .... For readers with a good magnifying glass or corresponding thereto vision, we offer these ENTER NEWS Also in miniature, but it will cost double, Classify ......... - that would take too long to explain here.

In our readers-corner Werner Lindner and Norbert Mitterberger have answered some questions of our readers. In this issue we have for the first time the software section test: In heart and kidney were tested: 1st the game "Out of This World", 2nd The "Turbo Graphics Package" and 3rd ZZZIP the Basic Compiler. In our column hardware test Schillinger Martin exclusively for us the 30Mbyte hard drive tested in conjunction with the Enterprise. A really great addition for your Enterprise. And since we're on the same extension nor a hint of amateur tinkerers with a E64: Our Do-lt-Yourself section gives precise instructions Werner Lindner for memory expansion of the "little ones" from Enterprise.

If you like working with the Word Processor you'll be grateful for the tips and perhaps will be surprised at the unimagined possibilities of the Enterprise word processing. To be humane to the troubled two-finger typer readers, this time we have very, very short reader listings. And here is my question directly: "Are you musical?" If so, "Can you play the piano?" If yes, then you can at this point directly hit the table of contents, if not then go on reading because with the Enterprise, you can at least simulate playing the piano. The small keyboard will give you further help and at the end you might even play a little tune. In any case, have a great time with this issue, mainly because of the varied content and nice large font.

Yours, Claudius Esser

Page 222

  • lNTERN + NEWS ............................ 223
  • READER'S CORNER .......................... 227
  • READER-LISTING: The Enterprise E-PIANO ... 231
  • Out of this world ........................ 235
  • Turbo Graphics ........................... 237
  • ZZZIP, the Basic Compiler ................ 240
  • Enterprise ... with the text processing .. 245
  • Paintbox Pictures in Basic programs ...... 249
  • The hard drive for the Enterprise ...... 253
  • as a storyteller ... ................... 256
  • Math functions ......................... 259
  • The 64K will grow ...................... 264
  • Graphic listing of Amiga ............... 270
  • DISCLAIMER ............................... 271

Page 223


As we have announced in the last issue, here's now a report on the production of the newspaper.

The Birth of the Newspaper Enterprise

It all started in June 1987. Mr. Frölje and I worked together at that time for the Quelle company in the computer department selling all types of computers - among others the Enterprise, since January 1987.

As a suggestion from the company Enterprise Mr. Frölje asked me in March if I was interested with him a newspaper for making these forward-looking computer. Addresses of interested readers, he would have nügend GE. For me it all sounded very interesting, especially since I'm studying journalism and I have seen for this newspaper a perspective. Mr. Frölje also unveiled a circulation increase of ini-lichen 100 copies to 300 - 500 copies within a year in prospect. In this case, the newspaper would carry out and may even jump one time or another, a fee for the writers. In June, July of last year, it gets serious.


The first edition was produced entirely with the "Wordstar" and a type-writing program. All the newspaper was printed with the Enterprise printer. With its 62 pages in length it has been the thickest issue. Being optimistic, in a press we printed 100 copies of this issue. We were satisfied with the result (the look of the paper) but all beginnings are hard and we knew that we wanted to make each edition better newspapers.

At that time we were in a threesome. Schülter Horst, Jurgen Frölje and myself. Programs were given by the Düsi software and Werner Lindner, who even presented his DIY ideas.


It was almost a panic-copy, the second edition. Again, everything was done with WordStar. This time, however, with a daisy wheel printer the UNI-Munich. Mr. Schülter employees from the "source" house in the sun road had not been heard from, although he initially wanted to test the games and wanted to write instructions for playing the games, which included a not such. Thus Mr. Frölje and I the whole issue alone for the first time assembled and glued. We have also tried the new layout. Nevertheless, enough has gone wrong. First, there were far too thin paper envelopes, and we also had the footer of each odd-numbered pages upside down stuck.

Pages 224-225


For this edition, we stood for the first time a professional desk-top publishing system. The company was engaged in the Lord Fröhle also had to fit the laser printer, so that this newspaper would have to be perfect. With the release date, we did ourselves, but again difficult. Since only Mr. Frölje familiar with the new program was hung from the date of his occupational exposure. And that was just at that time very high. It became apparent already, what a short time later confirmed, Mr. Frölje was not ready and probably no longer able to care for the newspaper and the club. When handing over the papers and the associated financial part, there were some problems. Thus, some readers have not paid their newspaper, never even received a bill and nothing at all wrong. The newspaper My PC had to be sold so as not to stand there with empty pockets. So we have just had enough money to fund the next three issues can.


It is clearly our showpiece. ENTER NEWS should always look. This edition was published by Mr. Lindner and myself. Fortunately, to date diesesm already made some readers with the content of the magazine with, so that there was also the first article of a few ENTERPRISE fans with it. The release date is delayed beyond the first quarter and yearly magazine was finished. Fact that it is very difficult to make such a hefty dose of information in less time. In addition, the font was so small that fit on one side nearly aktzeptable number of much more text. Six issues a year, we announced eight months earlier, possibly as many as eight for the same price if it goes well. Unfortunately we have not experienced a boom in demand, so that it remained in the first weeks of the subscribers. These are some thirty-interested enterprise to this day. At approximately 6000 units sold to a few. Too few enthusiasts and hobbyists are among them, who have realized what this little device is still everything. Also, we certainly have not done everything that could have boosted the sales of newspapers, but at least it would have required more time and commitment, or even a permanent editor. On both, there are unfortunately lacking.


This issue is hopefully another step has been more successful than the last. Alone in the layout for all the texts I've been sitting for over a week, no less than eight hours a day five days a week. The whole time I've worked with a quick no-name IBM-compatible 286 PC AT. Were printed the pages, as well as in the last issue with the Epson FX-100, a 9-pin printers. As software we have used WordStar and Ventura Publisher. Thus, this issue another good suc-related issue, I think, both in terms of content and form. View of the sixth edition

This will temporarily be the last edition of the ENTER NEWS. We have thus fulfilled the conditions of our advertisers, who had ordered a one year subscription of six issues. The conditions under which we have produced the books, although not comparable with those of our starting point but we still have our readers do not want to disappoint and have remained here until the end. We have published six books and paid the verprochenen and hope that all ENTER NEWS supporters were pleased that two-man newspaper with the performance. This issue will be published as soon as possible.


Well in the future there will be only on special request every three to four months ENTER NEWS SPECIAL that can be individually and based on delivery of the inter-ested readers with us. We are the "specials" announce each in the club magazine of the ENTERPRISE USER GROUP Lorch. If among our readers and non-members of the EUG to be, then we ask them if they are interested in these SPECIAL NEWS us a postcard a pre-sent.

GDR service

The Enterprise is a machine that now takes a lot of attention in the Eastern block countries, where it also sells very well. In the GDR, but the Enterprise computer was not sold directly but is usually only gets about relatives there. Therefore we have no contact addresses of the local users. But we want to promote as an independent journal of information between the GDR and the users here live users. If your relatives in the other Germany are interested in it, please send us their address. So that our readers will "share" with each other, we can publish the address then free in our classifieds.

page 226


The package for your MOUSE ENTERPRISE.

With this fantastic package, you don't only get mouse of very high quality but a mouse interface (which can also be used as an intelligent joystick interface for Commodore or Atari joysticks), a mouse driver program (with it, you can use the mouse of all self-written programs of use) and a universal printer driver (made possible by choice of control characters hard copies of any graphics pages in conjunction with virtually any graphics-capable parallel printer).

As a 'treat' it is to the PAINTBOX-drawing program. It uses all of the above described hardware and software enhancements. Some of its numerous features are:

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Fully menu-driven software (ICONS)
  • 12 graphics modes
  • Max. 256 colors
  • Variable size drawing board
  • Large number of freely definable crayons
  • Sprays function with user-definable fill patterns
  • Crayons and fill patterns can be stored in any number and reloaded
  • Zoom function for detailed work
  • . . .

PAINTBOX and the MOUSE were tested in the ENTER-NEWS III and in the club newsletter EUG Lorch and were approved. Therefore, you can order them by cash at:

Werner Lindner Hard- und Softwareideen Landsberger Straße 49 D-8913 Schondorf a.A.

  • Incl 14% VAT is, only by cash on delivery, all programs available on cassette only, but always copiable.

pages 227-230


Now, as in the last ENTER-NEWS, we are going to answer the questions you as ENTERPRISE-owners ask againand again:

Thorsten Gramlich: Can you please tell me how do the sub-directories work? What to do with the commands "CD", "MD", "RD" and what can you do with the programs that are stored in sub-directories?

Response (W.L.): The directory structure of the ENTERPRISE disks is similar to that of the IBM PC. Like in the PC, it is not only possible to store programs and files in the root directory but in additional, separate subdirectories, too. It is especially interesting in the case e.g. when you want to separate certain datas belonging to a certain program from other programs. A sub-directory can be created using the command "MD" (MD = make directory), e.g.:


in the BASIC. After pressing ENTER the computer will create a subdirectory with the name "EXAMPLE" on the disk in drive A.

If you want to put a program into that subdirectory, first of all you have to enter this subdirectory before saving. This is done with the command "CD" (CD = change directory). E.g.:


Using this command you entered the subdirectory "EXAMPLE" from the root directory of the floppy disk in drive A:. Here you can now load or save programs and datas with the usual commands. The subdirectory will remain set until it is changed again with the CD command, or until the disk in drive A: is replaced to another.

You can return to the root directory of a floppy disk from each sub-directory by typing the command

  •  :CD A:!

(German machines use ! character at this time. English machines and PC's use \ instead - edited: Enterpriseforever.com) The CD command allows more than one subdirectory names in a row:


Here you get from the root directory through the directories TEST and EXAMPLE into the directory BASIC.

Directories can also be deleted. To do this, they must be empty, so there may be stored no more files in them. These files must therefore be either replaced into other directories or deleted using the :DEL command. In our case, the command would be:

  •  :DEL A:!EXAMPLE!*.*

With :A CD:! you get to the root directory, where you can delete the directory EXAMPLE with the command


(RD = remove directory). All these commands are also explained in details in the EXDOS Manual, which is attached to all the floppy drives and EXDOS controllers. It's recommended to take a little time to become familiar with these commands.

D. Klein: Where can I get colour-tapes for the ENTERPRISE EP80 + printer?

Reply (W.L.): You can firstly get ribbons for the EP80+ directly from the ENTERPRISE in Munich, of course. You can order them at a price of $ 19.80 by phone or in a letter.

You can also get the color bands in the relevant shops of computer accessories. Since the EP80+ is not a special ENTERPRISE equipment but is made by a Japanese manufacturers for the order/charge of various companies, there are still a number of other printers that use the same tapes. E.g. the following tapes fit the EP80+

  • Mannesmann Tally MT 80, MT 80 +, MT 80 PC
  • Commodore MPS 802
  • Shinwa CP 80, CP 80 Type II
  • ...

In Germany for example the company Geha specialized for tapes of different types of printers. The type "GEHA Multi Strike Gr. 629, Order No. 917 974" works in conjunction with the EP80 + perfectly and is easy to get in the office supplies market. If in doubt, they can also be purchased anywhere (but only in 5-pack).

NOTE: Shop for your EP80 + only the recommended carbon ribbons. Occasionally there are from different manufacturers also known as nylon ribbons to buy, wherein it is mascara-soaked cloth strips. Due to the special design of the printhead of the EP80 + these bands may be used under any circumstances. When operating with an ink ribbon strip the slightly protruding from the print head print pins at each print head moving ink, which is due to capillary action then drawn into the printhead. There, the ink dries and bonds the print wires in no time. This helps only a new print head, which is not exactly cheap.

Heinz Kliehr: For a long time I have been a 128k computer and printer ENTERPRISE EP80 +. So far I never had a problem, but since yesterday, the printer prints only weird characters, but sometimes it works without problems. How can dasliegen?

Response (wl): The problem is probably a hundred percent not more contact of the printer cable into your computer. The use of ENTERPRISE PCB connectors are in fact just as long as reliable contact, such as the surface of the contact blades are clean. In the course of time, but on each contact, a thin layer of dirt. This usually consists of house dust, and for example exacerbated by cigarette smoke. Remedied only one purge. This is easiest with a cotton swab and alcohol from the pharmacy 100% of the hand. Please do not use alcohol, as these contain additives that remain after evaporation of the alcohol on the connectors.

This equipment has been turned off all contacts should both the computer and all ports of the respective connecting cable to be cleaned. You may wonder what is going on because everything down! Under no circumstances should they with sandpaper or something similar to the sensitive Connectors handle: Are these because once broken, so there is no repair option more.

D. Klein: Is there any possible speed, the Dis-Infraltsverzeichnis kettenauszudrucken ?

Response (nm): Yes, even a very simple one. Go into the word processor of your computer. Press the F8 key. Instead of the ENTER key to enter but now just a DIR and press the ENTER key. The directory of the disk appears on the screen. But please note: The table of contents appears at the point where there was before pressing the F8 key on the cursor. That was a point in your text so that contents will overwrite the basis of this position, the rest of your text.

More tips in conjunction with the word processor you can find in this issue under Tips & Tricks.

Wolfgang Geiger: I recently bought WordStar 3.0, and recopy it and can adjust from ENTERPRISE. Unfortunately, I am with the program not entirely clear, since the description though extensive, but unfortunately is also very clearly insurmountable. Is there a book or a study course for WordStar?

Response (nm): For the various versions of WordStar, there are a whole series of books. One of them can we recommend any of our readers highly, not only learn the WordStar, but also exploit all its possibilities would like. This is the title of "Introduction to Word Star," written by Arthur Naiman.

The author explains in the book easily the functions and functioning of WordStar and saves not with practical examples and exercises that allow the user to try out what they have learned immediately. Of course, the author thought of the program-MAIL MERGE, extended with the WordStar for mail merge functions can be. Here, too, helping numerous examples over the initial difficulties. The book is available from specialist bookshops.

From: Dieter Klama, the computer next to you